The vision of Femma

We volunteers comprise Femma.

We are building a world that is just, solidary and sustainable. A world where women and men play an equal role in all domains. Where equality and freedom of choice for humans is central.

We stand with both feet in society. A society that is constantly changing, offering new challenges and opportunities. Realities such as individualization and super diversity make us change and renew ourselves. The real world of women forms our source of inspiration.

As a socio-cultural organization, we do this in our specific way.

  • By meeting each other

What unites is being women, across cultures and differences.
We meet at local events and through social media. Relaxation, education, culture and social action are central to that meeting.
We are active and engaged citizens. Our commitment within Femma is an approachable stepping stone to other local and supra-local engagements. We deal with the social fabric of our village, town or city and establish close-knit and open 'communities'.

  • By learning from each other

At Femma, we learn from each other. We start on the basis of our own experiences and perceptions. We develop new skills, insights and values. Thus, we develop and strengthen ourselves and each other.

  • By discovering, experiencing and creating culture

We discover and experience culture together in all possible forms (travel, exhibitions, film, …). We conceive our culture through creative activities. We reflect on life, values and standards. With an open mind to other cultures, near and far.

  • By creating a society

We make strong women of ourselves and each other. We are feminists with great social awareness and commitment. We defend the interests of women, here and elsewhere in the world. We unite women and address structural power inequalities. Thus, we help give form to society.